Kratos Fitness operates out of Steven D's Strength and Conditioning in Cincinnati, OH.

Sports Performance Training Cincinnati, Ohio
Athletic Performance Training Cincinnati, OH

Our facility is the first Eleiko Certified Strength and Conditioning facility in the US.

Strength and Conditioning Cincinnati, Ohio

Kratos performance training has all of the equipment necessary to make you a better athlete.

  • 9 lifting platforms
  • Plenty of Eleiko barbells
  • Full Eleiko bumper plate sets
  • 2 sets of pulling blocks
  • 2 sets of jerk blocks
  • 4 glute ham developers
  • Medicine balls
  • Weight sled
  • Cable cross machine
  • Adjustable benches

Kratos Fitness is the ideal athlete training facility for team sport athletes, strength sport athletes, or anyone looking to get into their physical prime.

Our facility serves clients from all over the Cincinnati area, including Mason, Kings, Loveland, Lebanon, West Chester, Little Miami, Blue Ash, and Montgomery.